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In issuing his proclamation, Lincoln referredfor authority to a statute in pursuance of whichGeorge Washington sent an army into Pennsylvaniato suppress the Whiskey Insurrection.

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If McClellan had possessedthe intuition of Grant, he would not have haltedon the bank of the river, but would have crossedand seized the communications of the ConfederateCapital.

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McClellan had sent three corps insuccession against him - Hooker's, Mansfield's, andSumner's - and each in turn was repulsed.

Thereafter, the letters detail the participation of the 143rd Regiment in the Tennessee campaign during the autumn of 1863, particularly at Chattanooga and Missionary Ridge; then the Atlanta Campaign in May 1864, where it was engaged in skirmishes at Resaca and Dallas, Georgia.

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Mosby, Colonel John S., activities,1863-1864, 258-259;adventure with John Underwood,163-164; anecdote of sonBeverly, 393-394; anecdoteregarding name, 166-167;appointed attorney of SouthernPacific Railroad, 399;appointed consul at Hong Kong,394, 396; attacks on Fairfaxoutposts, 150-156, 170-184;attacks on railroad, 308, 309,313-317, 325; begins partisanwarfare, 148-149; called"bushwhacker", 285; captured andwounded at Lake's house, 336-343;captured by Harris'sNew York Cavalry, 127;capture of Major Forbes, 278, 279-282;capture of Sheridan'spaymasters, 317, 320, 321;capture of Sheridan's supplies, 292;capture of General Stoughton,175-181; captures two cavalrymen,217; carries informationto Lee, 131-133; commissionedcolonel, 356; commissionedcaptain by Governor Letcher, 183;conversation with a Germanlieutenant, 318; conversationwith Grant, 395-396;conversation with General Pickett,381; death reported, 346, 349,350; description of, 149 note;destroys supply train, 308, 313-318,320; dinner with Lee, 105,375; discards use of sabre, 152,284; discovers destination ofMcClellan's army, 129-130;discussion of battle of Manassas,47-85, 98; discussion ofGettysburg campaign, 201-257;discussion with Grant, 392-393;efforts to start campaignagainst Pope, 123-126;encounter with Major Gilmer'scompany, 157-162; escape fromLake's house, 344-346;exchanged, 131; farewell addressto his command, 360-361;feeling towards Grant, 383-385,388; first meeting with Grant,383, 392; first meeting withLee, 374; goes to Richmond,355; hanging of Mosby's men,300-302; last meeting withGrant, 396-398; last meetingwith Lee as commander, 376;last order from Lee, 376;letters from Lieutenant Cheney,189; Morgan, C.