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"Italian Christmas Cake (Panettone di Natale)

Crumble one-half compressed yeast cake with one teaspoon sugar and dissolve in one-fourth cup lukewarm milk.

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This is the lineal ancestorof the modern cakelike gingerbread in which treacle has replaced honey."
---, John Ayto [Oxford University Press:Oxford] 2002 (p.

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In the 17th century, only professional gingerbread bakers were allowed to bake thespicy treat in Germany and France.

The Twelfth Night cake not only provided dessert, but also helped to facilitate an oldcustom...While preparing the cake the cook dropped a bean, coin or other small object in tothe batter.

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The baker has not been back to his natie village in many decades (and he hasa son in the American Army) but his currant cakes are still a blissful sight to any one who has ever basked in the warmth of the Italiansun."
---"Victuals and Vitaminbs: Sweets for the Holidays," Jane Holt, , December 21, 1941 (p.

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A8) [1941]
"In the heart of Manhattan lives a baker who still remembers how to make Italian 'panettone,' and incomparable Christmas cake, roundand fat and yellow with butter and eggs and fairly bursting wtih all manner of fruits.

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After running errands for a baker at his native Treviglio for three years, hewalked, penniless, to Milan thirty miles away and became in half a century the Italian 'King of the Christmas Cake.' When he opened his ownbakery after World War I, the Italian pannetone (Christmas cake) was the dish of the rich.

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Its place is take by a kind of very light bread-cake with raisins in it known as 'Panettone.' This special piece from the bakery is as universal right through Italy as the steaming brown ball of currants and raisins and spice and peel is with us."
---"Christmas in Rome," [London], December 15, 1899 (p.

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How old is the tradition?
"Christmas pudding, the rich culimation of a long process of development of 'plum puddings'which can be traced back to the early 15th century.

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The mixture is rich with sugar, honey, butter, and eggs, perfumed with vanilla and sometimes liqueurs, and has a softness and lightness that makes it an ideal cake to have around at Christmas time.