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Dr. Haq earned an award for academic excellence, while at the Medical College for Women. Throughout her residency training, she contributed to quality improvement, as well as patient safety protocol development. She has keen interest in the areas of chronic disease epidemiology, heart failure and preventive cardiology. After joining CIMS in 2011, Dr. Haq has been involved in clinical research activities with the heart failure clinic at Johns Hopkins Bayview. Her dedication for improving the hospital length of stay, prevention of readmissions of heart failure patients has earned her an advisory board membership on the Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute (PCORI) funded pSCANNER (patient-centered SCAlable National Network for Effectiveness Research)project.

For one, trade leakage was amajor problem for developed nations under the Montreal Protocol.

In September of 2006, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan
said of the agreement:

“The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone
Layer is effective and working.

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As a result of the Montreal Protocol, the ozone layer has since begun to recover on a small scale.

While HCFC-22 was left out of the Kyoto Protocol in deference to the Montreal Protocol’s long-term phase-out objectives, HFC-23 is covered under Kyoto, and this has created a contradiction that pits the two agreements directly at odds8.

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“Implementing International Environmental Treaties in Developing
Countries: China's Compliance with the Montreal Protocol.” Global
Environmental Politics, 5(1), 58 – 81.

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“An economic assessment of the Kyoto
Protocol using the Global Trade and Environment Model.” The Economic
Modelling of Climate Change: Background Analysis for the Kyoto Protocol
OECD Workshop.

Samuel Grief, MD is a board-certified family physician for 22 years

The success and simplicity of ODS abatement are unlikely to be replicated with
future international environmental agreements, but by examining both the triumphs and
the failures seen under the Montreal Protocol, we can strengthen new environmental
policies as they arise.

A graduate of McGill University in Montreal, Canada, Dr

Unlike with Montreal, not all the largest emitters are parties to the Kyoto Protocol, so leakage will not necessarily be from developed to developing nations, but rather from
participating nations to non-participating nations.

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Close attention should be paid to the technology transfer problems that occurred under
the Montreal Protocol, so as not to repeat the negative effects.

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Clearly these two issues are very different in many ways, but that is not to say that
none of the lessons learned from the experiences of the Montreal Protocol can be applied
to Kyoto.