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There is less reason now than ever to expect deliverance, in this way, from the hand of oppression. The system of slavery, fabricated against America, cannot, at this time, be considered as the effect of inconsideration and rashness. It is the offspring of mature deliberation. It has been fostered by time and strengthened by every artifice human subtility is capable of. After the claims of Parliament had lain dormant for a while, they are again resumed and prosecuted with more than common ardor. The Premier has advanced too far to recede with safety. He is deeply interested to execute his purpose, if possible. We know he has declared that he will never desist till he has brought America to his feet; and we may conclude nothing but necessity will induce him to abandon his aims. In common life, to retract an error, even in the beginning, is no easy task; perseverance confirms us in it, and rivets the difficulty. But in a public station, to have been in an error and to have persisted in it when it is detected, ruins both reputation and fortune. To this we may add, that disappointment and opposition inflame the minds of men and attach them still more to their mistakes.

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Most of the respondents above are missing the point Bruce is making. Leave aside all issues of whether this is an effective program or whether the calls are international or not. That is beside the point. The central issue is the structure and nature of our representative government. Does the President have the right to make wholesale changes to the law without any oversight and without consulting Congress, particularly when it concerns something as fundamental as the integrity of a citizen's "personal effects" and communications?

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Though he never addressedthe whole Congress, Roosevelt sent to Congress more than 400presidential messages.

Will you, then, my friends, allow yourselves to be duped by this artful enemy? Will you follow his advices, disregard the authority of your Congress, and bring ruin on yourselves and your posterity? Will you act in such a manner as to deserve the hatred and resentment of all the rest of America? I am sure you will not. I should be sorry to think any of my countrymen would be so mean, so blind to their own interest, so lost to every generous and manly feeling.

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Protecting Americans from terrorism here at home must be the top priority of any Administration, but it can be achieved without the President violating the Constitution. That is why Congress enacted the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) in 1978. The Act enables national security programs while still preserving civil liberties.

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Let's assume the worst case happens: Congress votes to impeach Bush; he refuses to leave office and uses the military to support him. Yes, there will be some who will refuse to obey, but there will be some who will support the president.

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Then there's this one. "Use their systems, passports, citizenship, laws, traditions, books and media, create internal divisions among them, and inflict defeat on the kuffars [infidels], for in the current balance of power, all we need to do is to use their weaknesses as our strength."
-- Abul ala’ - Al-Ansar chat room, September 2005.

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* The American people elected Bush to office, and therefore have the right to call his official activities into question. Considering the allegations, I am stunned that Congress has not yet launched a formal and public investigation.