explain the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

The purpose of our bombing campaign was officially stated as driving Iraq from Kuwait. America was "liberating" Kuwait. When the imperial powers pulled out of the Middle East in the 1920s, the governments left behind were dictatorships that could be controlled and would control the public in those nations. Kuwait was and is a bloody and brutal dictatorship, although relatively “free” as far as the Middle East goes. Saudi Arabia, the other nation that America theoretically defended, in 2014 still has one of Earth’s most brutal and oppressive regimes. The Saudis are notorious for executing political prisoners, keeping their women in virtual slavery, flogging children, kangaroo courts, etc. Saudi Arabia's method of public execution is using a sword to decapitate their prisoners, which sometimes requires a few whacks to get the job done.

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The CIA is about the world’s premier drug runner, and George Bush the First once ran it. With the Soviet Empire collapsing, the USA could put aside any pretense it adopted with the 1980s wars that , where it used proxies. It was still having problems stuffing Nicaragua back into the neocolonial corral, and elections were coming up in February of 1990. The USA's invasion of Panama may have been an instructive lesson to Nicaragua of what happened to nations that displeased the USA, especially now that the USA's main political-economic rival, however weak it was, had collapsed. The Sandinistas lost that 1990 election, as the Nicaraguan people surrendered to the USA's war against them, as Ronald Reagan openly wished for.

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US Invasion of Iraq: easons The epublic of Iraq is located in South West Asia.

A bully makes sure that his victims cannot fight back. Bullies never seek a fair fight, but pick on those smaller than themselves. The hatred that the USA has engendered throughout the world as it has bludgeoned nation after nation will haunt us. Until the World Trade Center attacks of 2001, the USA never had its national boundaries threatened, except when Russian nuclear missiles were aimed at it; and that was never the active threat and real suffering that the Iraqi people endured, or Nicaraguans or Cubans, etc. When the USA sent the world's biggest killing machine to Iraq and Panama, those nations could not strike back at us, not by challenging our military aggression directly.

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As I talked about my traumas in that spring of 1991, outside my therapist's window I could see American flags flying from every light pole and sign. The flags fluttered, the yellow ribbons abounded, and the parades marched through American cities. George Bush rocketed to a public-approval rating of 82% as our "turkey shoot" in Iraq progressed. It had fallen to 56% the previous autumn, from its high of 80%, after the USA's troops invaded Panama to arrest Bush's former employee Noriega (they tried to murder him, but Noriega outwitted them by strolling into the Vatican embassy). The public was nearly delirious in its approval of our performance in Iraq, with about 90% of Americans thinking that we had performed a righteous and noble deed.

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Another innovative act by our armed forces was a new version of trench warfare. During the ground war, the USA deployed vehicles that were essentially tanks with bulldozer blades. The ground war, as with the air war, was not a war in any meaningful sense. It was another "turkey shoot," and entire armored divisions of Iraq's army were decimated without returning even one effective shot. The surviving Iraqi soldiers were generally fleeing, hiding in their bunkers, or rushing to surrender. Many thousands of Iraqi soldiers were huddled in trenches and bunkers, and some attempted to mount a pitiful defense to the juggernaut bearing down on them. The tank-bulldozers performed an unprecedented act: they approached the trenches and bunkers and filled them with earth, burying thousands of Iraqi soldiers alive. It qualified as another war crime. Not one American was killed in the live entombment of thousands of Iraqi soldiers.