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The term rich and poor is paramount in the relative sense. Among the Irish peasants, they maintained on the verge of starvation by the wrung among from them to maintain the luxury of the absentee landlord of Paris. As such, the wealthy are those that have enough, or more than enough, wealth in gratifying all reasonable wants and by the poor, those who have not. As such, being poor or wealthy are, nonetheless, qualitative different experiences from being better or worse along a continuum. Arguably, both involve social exclusion from the societal norms. Additionally, neither can exist without the other but are rather better presented as very divergent.

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When viewed from the outcome-driven model of equality, the concepts of economic equality and political equality also take on new meanings. Economic equality, instead of meaning open competition and the protection of individual rights to private property and freedom of contract, is now defined in terms of distributive justice. The focal point thus shifts from rules to results and from freedom to coercion as the state attempts to impose some predetermined pattern of income and wealth distribution on the free-market process. The constitutional perspective is thereby distorted as judicial and legislative eyes turn toward what Hayek (1982, vol. 2) has called the “mirage of social justice.” Similarly, political equality, when viewed outside the Framers’ system of limited government, becomes more focused on the democratic process than on effectively constraining the powers of government and safeguarding individual freedom. The danger is that without effective constraints on majoritarian impulses to redistribute income and wealth, democracy will trump liberty—thus, politicizing economic life and slowing economic growth.

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This is shown clearly through the characters illustrated in “The Important of Being Earnest.” Oscar Wilde expresses his concern of people trying to maintain an upper class reputation through the characters of the play “The Importance of Being Earnest.” During the Victorian Period members of the upper class displayed pride, and felt that they were entitled to their wealth and status and also believed it is only appropriate to marry within their social class....