“I miss the times when I was really free.” Some beautiful

Antony and the Johnsons have added two more orchestra concerts in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 2nd and 3rd at the DR Concert House with The Danish National Chamber Orchestra. Ticketing and show info can be found . The upcoming summer orchestra events will be a culmination of their work to date featuring arrangements from the most recent release "Swanlights" and previous releases. Please see our page for further infomation.

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Antony recently did an interview with W Magazine about working with Ohne Titel who designed Antony's costume for his January 26th performance at Radio City Music Hall. You can see the article . Antony also spoke with , and leading up to his performance at Radio City.

Goodbye, dear Edwige, butch elegance, punk legend.

It's a whole new world.  Let’s be brave and tell the truth as much as we can.  Anohni x

- Teach babies and children to be kind and gentle to animals. Childrensometimes, not realizing that they are being cruel, can play roughly or doupsetting things to animals. Besure to teach them to treat your pet with fairness, to love and respect them. Here's a fun link for children to read and learn good things about animals (thePETA Kids website): click

Just imagine how magnificient those buildings were before abandoned.

[...] running water was discontinued. The residents had to pick up and move.(image credits:English Russia,English Russia)Other than mold and creepy crawlies that have no doubt moved in, a person with survival skills and [...]

Undoubtedly far safer than Detroit or any blue city.

Exactly; although, this city actually has a future, unlike Detroit. Looks a lot like Cuomo’s New York too, or what’s left of it. Hey, maybe it IS the little dictator’s state after all!

Very interesting, but it still looks nicer than Detroit.

Although Canada measures distances in kilometres, the is marked out in miles. Land is divided into quarter-sections, which are a half mile on each side. A full section is one mile square, or 640 acres.

nicer than many places in inner American cities actually…

it seems like Chernobyl city of Ukraine. after incident of nuclear power plant explosion, thousand of peoples have been evacuated to other save places……

Of course he wasn’t joking, that sounds exactly like Detroit!

DEC. 26, 2012, 10:47 AM The landscape is cold and white now, but the work continues. Cattle are being fed, equipment repaired, house projects tackled and bookwork caught up on. On days when it isn’t too cold or windy to safely work, Warren and Lawrence are framing the walls and rafters of the semi/trailer shed.

Would like to know why they would support an entire living city…

NOV. 12, 2012, 9:58 AM There has been a blizzard over the weekend and the cattle seek shelter out of the wind. The countryside is filled with an extra two feet of snow. While Lawrence, Gordon and Warren can use their tractors to clear their yards, the gravel roads are impassable until the plow goes by.