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This is quite simply a crime of hate and paranoia brought on by the anguish and torture of being in a war. If there is a common link between these two films it is that they are told with content and not necessarily style. The core strength of these two films is not special effects but the contents of what and how the story is being told. In the end neither Full Metal Jacket nor Platoon left us with answers as to the reasons for the war. The big problems basically went unmentioned which would be: Why did the United States invade the small country of Vietnam? Why did the United States lose the war? These are obvious pressing questions which neither film addresses; however, both glamorize service to our country and we all know that is not a good reason to war. It is my opinion that Platoon is by far the more realistic film of the two; if for nothing else due to the fact that the person who made the film actually was in the Vietnam War and therefore had first hand knowledge of the accounts that went on there making it more "real".

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Full Metal Jacket and Platoon are clearly two of the biggest movies ever made about the Vietnam War; therefore, they will always be compared and contrasted to each other. Platoon was based on Oliver Stone's own experience so he used simple war movie techniques to give a realistic sense of what jungle warfare was like. Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket was based on Gustav Hasford's experience, but Kubrick wanted to use the story to explore what made people into killers. These two films take very different approaches and if we are to compare them it should be in the capacity to understand what war means to the average person. Both of the films are very detailed in depicting what actual warfare is like; however, Platoon gives a great sense of the environment: miserably hot, extremely intense, disease filled, and a very scary environment no one would readily want to visit. Full Metal Jacket explores this too, but focuses a lot attention on the process and training involved in preparing for war. These two films are a lot alike in two aspects: they both view the war pretty much through the eyes of one soldier and they both seriously glorify war and make it appear very glamorous.

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Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket" is more like a book of short stories than a novel

“A.I. Artificial Intelligence, From Stanley Kubrick to Steven Spielberg: The Vision Behind the Film” celebrates the extraordinary collaboration of two cinematic giants, Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg. Co-edited by University of the Arts London’s Head of Publications, Jane M. Struthers, and Jan Harlan, Stanley Kubrick’s Executive Producer on Barry Lyndon, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket and Eyes Wide Shut, it reveals how the project originated, how it was developed and finally brought to fruition. At the heart of the book are over 150 stunning images commissioned by Stanley Kubrick from conceptual artist, Chris Baker, many never before seen.