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Jess congratulations on the upcoming reentry into motherhood. The second doesn't come with a manual either despite writing it for the first yourself. Your cake must have at least passed inspection as they can award no prize if it's not good enough. Sometimes it is worth asking the stewards what the judge's comment was if you really want to know. I remember getting a first out of one. The steward was keen to pass on that the item was outstanding! So my one out of one technically last was actually up there with the best of them! Such is the fun of little country shows.

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Short essays on motherhood

Although I grew out of the stage my life when my parents would ask me how I felt using a funny graphic, looking back on it in hindsight, I can see the testing they were doing on me to keep check of my emotional stability during the early impressionable years and monitor my behaviors to see if it went outside the norm for children my age....