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The block is therefore seen as a certain form of a family with members of different ranks in it. The members of the block serve and protect the block in all ways. This results to a considerable level of loyalty for the said block by its members. The main reason for block conflicts is that for the search for respect. These conflicts are ever changing. Some of the students also fight to achieve or maintain respect for them. This never ending rivalry between the members of these blocks gives the students, mostly the ones involved in the ‘block life’, a sense that nowhere is safe and that one needs to be on guard always. This results to the student carrying weapons always as a way to give him/her the feeling of security against the threat from the rival blocks. By showing possession of a weapon, there is the sense that one is not afraid to defend himself and hence is respected.

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It is likely for a student to engage in violence in cases whereby his/her parents are constantly fighting at home, or may be using abusive language. This is because the student sees this as something of the ordinary. Another factor that may encourage school violence is whereby there is easy availability of weapons. Children may purchase these weapons cheaply and use them in acts of bullying. In serious cases, students may even use these weapons to kill other people. An example of this is the Virginia Tech massacre, which involved a senior level undergraduate student who killed 32 people before committing suicide. The main cause of the student’s action was severe anxiety disorder and a major depression disorder. Depression and anxiety is therefore a contributing factor to this violence. This occurs when the student is experiencing severe depression. He/she expresses this condition through violence in form of bullying, theft or rape among others.

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Some of the psychological barriers standing between the ways of sanity in these students may not be fully overcome. This is because there are varying standards of behavior in the environments the students live in. It is therefore hard to approach some of the concerned parents about the behaviors of a particular student since the member of the family must be monitored closely. This helps in helping the individual psychologically.

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School violence occurs in many ways. The level of violence has risen over the recent years. There are cases of theft and gang wars among others. This has posed severe dangers to the learning students whereby violence in schools has gone to its extremity. It is very alarming that students who have not even reached puberty are not afraid to hold guns and knives. In the United States of America, These cases are experienced. Questions are raised as to what exactly motivates these forms of actions. No child is born as violent. It is the many things that the child is exposed to that lead to his/her behavior. An example is the case whereby parents get married and then divorce. This may affect the kid and he/she may be vulnerable to violence in the future.

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If we study the neighborhoods the kids live in, it is a matter of considerations in the number of gangs growing up in those neighborhoods. These can be named as proto-gangs since they are not named. In some cases, these proto-gangs are engaged in drug trafficking, and therefore pose a significant threat to the young people. This is because these gangs often seek loyalty in the children living around the blocks. The recruited students end up involving themselves in . Because of this when there are conflicts between blocks, violence may result and weapons may be used by the concerned members. Many of the students may define their friends according to the blocks they belong.