World War I Christmas Truce of 1914: What Really ..

In the Catholic tradition, it is that very sweetness of the world, a world Pope Francis urges the faithful to accept as “a joyful mystery to be contemplated with gladness and praise,” that makes the loss more bitter, not less. This is the other piece of those ancient, fantastical stories I read as a child—the unfashionable, absurd, and magical way in which glory is constantly being revealed in the midst of suffering, the moments in which the clouds open, the frozen lake’s waters become like a warm bath, and the one Roman guard capable of seeing this miraculous world for what it is reaches out toward joy, not pain, and in doing so joins the Forty in death.

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Broadly this theory posits that, in contrast to most Western nations, Germany remained un-democratised, failing to wrestle itself free from the control concentrated in the hands of the small set of traditional elites, with disastrous consequences.

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