i have had a situation like that in september 2007.

she was a little spooked because it was near the edge of the bed, where we already looked. so of course, I questioned her with every logical physical question because I'm a skeptic. however after going back to my workroom, I noticed unusual finger prints, something miniature alien like. i thought it was my own or hers, but I examined that human prints literally leave a particular oil and clear print and easy to rub off. the other prints were a little more harder to wipe off? felt like taking a picture of it but I was a little spooked by the situation. it was hard for me to sleep. I didnt tell my gf as I dont want to scare her. yes and sometimes the light randomly flickers in our room. this could all be coincidence, however. thought id share.

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I have always known that I was a sensitive. I'm sure you know the term. My abilities have grown with my wisdom. I have experienced many things from healings to precognition and sightings, to name a few. About sightings. I have sighted residual as well as inteligent phenomena. The question is,why does it seem that nearly all sightings, by myself or others, never seem to last more than mere seconds if that? It almost seems to me that our anxiety sends it away. I have never feared these sightings but they often startle me. Then they're gone.

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my daughter is at her nanas ….nana called me and said my daughter came and asked her if she trusted my daughter?????nana was like what…so my daughter asked again….and nana said yes…as my daughter was walking back to her play room…she said you cant get me in trouble…nana belives me i dint do nothing….so nana got up and walked in kitchen chair was moved and beta fish room dumped all over…..she called for my daughter and said what did you do????my daughter said i did not do it nana he did…..my daughter had tears in her eyes and said again nana i didnt do it he did……nana said did you feed the fish ….crying my daughter said he did. ran to her room crying and laid on her bed …saying i not talking to you…you got me in trouble…i dont want to play no more……what can i do to find out whats up with that house..nana keeps losing stuff, then it comes up somewhere she did not put it….doors open you get chills that pass thru you…..i need some help, my daughters are 2 and 4.

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So whatever you do and whatever you write, just keep writing. Keep seeking feedback. Listen to what people say, but listen to what your heart says more.

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What he did know was that, even for a chance at becoming “successful,” he had to put in thousands of hours. He had to become a disciple of the craft of writing. Even then, there was no assurance of success.

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Judging by the amount of messages left on this site there is a good case for what we commonly refer to as ESP I have had so many experiences in my life that it would take me a long time to list them here and I am convinced we carry on after we have no further use for our physical bodies I believe we are all functioning on an energy level in the the physical world and when we cease to exist in this world, we pass onto a higher energy level. Some of us have the capability to contact,see or hear the energies that are on the next level and some people are trained to do this. Not everyone wants to do this myself included, but I can honestly say I have never been frightened and things that have happened have always been in a very matter of fact way. I feel comforted by the the fact that we do go on.

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hi…ive had strange happenings around my home…. im a jewelry reader and psychic but this i cannot fathom…i get woken up by breathing then my daughter heard it as well…it wont stop so i decided to video recordings and we heard it loud n clear. ive tried to talk 2 her, also prayers to god to send her to the light but nothing seems to make her stop. please need some advice on what 2 do.