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An abbreviated version of this article appeared in the in February 2014. I subsequently received this remarkable email from the journalist, Jerry Mitchell, mentioned above.

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On Sept. 10, 1989, I did a story that showed the state spied on Mickey Schwerner and his wife, Rita, three months BEFORE he and James Chaney and Andy Goodman had been killed and shared those records with the Meridian Police Department, made up of many Klansmen. One, in fact, was the brother of the main shooter, Alton Wayne Roberts. (Despite this revelation, the state still wouldn’t prosecute the case.)

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What horrified me most was that more than 20 Klansmen had been involved in the killings of these three young men, but none had ever been prosecuted for murder. This injustice spurred me on, leading me to develop sources who slipped me thousands of secret (and sealed) records by the state’s notorious segregationist spy agency, the Mississippi Sovereignty Commission.

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I happened to see the movie in January 1989 at a press screening in Jackson, Miss., along with two FBI agents (Roy Moore and Jim Ingram) who investigated the case and a journalist (Bill Minor) who wrote about that case and many others like it. After the film ended, these three old men dissected the film, told me the real-life events it relied on and explained details regarding the case.

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When the KKK murdered these young men, I was 5 years old, growing up what seemed like a world away in my sheltered hometown in Texas, horribly ignorant of what was taking place elsewhere in the South … and my hometown as well.

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This is a thank you note, albeit nine years late, for your kind article after the 2005 conviction of Edgar Ray Killen for orchestrating the 1964murders of three young men, now known (because of your movie) as the Mississippi Burning killings. I never saw your original article when it was published, but a friend sent me a link to a recent Huffington Post piece based on that piece.

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Because of an email from the wife of one of the last living suspects in the 1963 Birmingham church bombing that killed four girls, I got involved in that case, discovering that suspect Bobby Cherry had lied about his alibi when he claimed he was watching wrestling on TV the night of the bombing.