May I see your proof of identification?

hi i am from morocco. please can someone help me. i want pass ielts exam for have visa to live with my husband in London i want know everything’s and all details and also which exam i pass thx for heple

What is the meaning of your name?

This is the usual question in the ielts exam? I am going to take the exam this coming October 12 2013 can i re-schedule my test taking date on the other date that I prepare too, which is October 26, 2013? By the way thanks for the information that you’ve given it help me a lot because I only review by my self. And it kinda cramming on my part. Because as of now i really don’t have the idea what is ielts exam going on.

Well, it is an Arabic name and the meaning of the my name is powerful

At first, thanks to you so that you have made such a website in order to help student who actually wana improve English for ielts due to learn English and, go to abroad for taking higher education or work.

I have recently completed my degree in Business Marketing

i think it helps a lot to learn well english speaking and we can clear the ielts speaking test after a few days i am too going to ielts test so i am prepairing my,self for ielts

What is the name of your school?

I do not have any plans. I used to do some planning but now I do not plan things. I believe in the phrase that life is what happens when you are planning other things.

The name of my school is Choueifat

i think the answers are too short.
they must be about 2-3 sentences long.
in your answers,you only give position of answer but not justify it.

How many people are there in your family?

hello Jyoti. How did you pass your IELTS exam? after one week i have my IELTS and i am not sure that i can pass. I need someone for practise my speaking skills. help my.