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We could encourage the best qualities of youthfulness - curiosity, adventure, resilience, the capacity for surprising insight - simply by being more flexible about time, texts, and tests, by introducing kids to truly competent adults, and by giving each student what autonomy he or she needs in order to take a risk every now and then.

Don't Forget About the Islands | By Tim Duncan

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Someone from the scholarship committee should contact you directly via phone or email by a specific date so it's essential to make yourself as available as possible as that time draws closer. The funds will then be sent to you or the school you will be attending during the next semester. If someone from a third-party organization claims they need personal information (Social Security number, bank account numbers, and so forth) to complete the award process, it could be a ; get as much information about the solicitor as possible without divulging your details and contact the scholarship provider directly to determine your next step.