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Whenever this topic comes up, I hold firm to one thing only: I believe that the Golden Age Superman was Jewish. Both of his creators were Jewish and he just always struck me as a Jewish person. I probably will never be able to prove this, but that is my opinion.

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...No, I don't think religion should be a major part of the show in order to avoid conflict with the oversensitive masses, as this thread clearly confirms. However, there's no need to boycott if there happens to be a church scene here and there (for instance)...

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After Superman died I remember Martha Kent telling Lois that they raised Clark to believe in an afterlife (I think this is in the World Without a Superman graphic novel), so I assume he believes in some kind of spirituality. Whether or not it's the traditional Judeo-Christian form of God, I have no idea.

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Well, people say "oh, God" all the time even if they don't believe in God. I don't either. I don't think we should talk about anything too religious though. In S2 [Superman 2], he lost his powers and he really had to get them back and he couldn't communicate with his father so he says, oh God (please help me!). Maybe because he thought now would be a good time to believe in God right now because he needed help or either he really does believe in God and he was praying for his help. I don't think we have to worry about about if he's not Jewish or Christian because everyone likes Superman, I mean lots of people do, Christians and Jewish people. If he is Christian or Jewish, it doesn't mean he's a totaly different person from you. We should all be considered as the same people even if some of us believe in different things.

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While I personally don't, It wouldn't nessessarily shock me if he did. There's that scene in S2 [the film Superman 2] where Clark (minus his powers) defends Lois, and gets his @$$ whooped, when he sees that he was bleeding, he says "Oh God. Oh God.". I don't if that's just what he says when he's stressed/scared (I do), or if he was praying to God so he would save him. Although, in some peoples eyes, he is a god. All that said, does Superman believe in God?

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Okay, anyone could have guessed that Shamrock, a.k.a. Molly Fitzgerald, would have to be Catholic. But did you know that Superman is Methodist? The Shadow is a Buddhist? Who knew?

I think he [Doug TenNapel] makes some valid points there.

I don't think you can use this as an argument. Given the sheer preponderance of aliens in just about any continuity of Superman's, you can't rationally expect anyone to not believe in aliens. Disbelief will be shattered to pieces the first time a couple of hordes of parademons descend from on high, or the white Martians attack, or Superman himself dukes it out with Doomsday in the middle of Metropolis, or after an alien destroys Coast City, need I go on?