Most of the academy teachers emphasis to write “The hook” in an introduction. I have watched ur video on this session which was recorded in 2014. I just want to know, what is the latest trend. Should we start it with The hook or not? Today’s examiners want this sentence or not?

3-5 pg essay on the introduction to Greece, history of government and current government

Your lessons are really helpfull. i will be giving IELTS GT in a weaks time. I have a doubt about the background statement in the introduction paragraph. you have clearly mentioned in your video that we need to paraphrase the essay topic and not copy it. but still will that not show as if we are lack of ideas and hence we r doing so to add lines. kindly help.

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Hi Liz!I wanted to ask if how much time do I need to spend for writing an introduction? Tyvm. 🙂

Introduction to country, history of government, current government THE ASSIGNMENT: As a well-renowned photojournalist, you have been asked by National Geographic to complete a photo documentary highlighting a human rights violation and/or humanitarian concern in a country of your choosing. Your final project will be a conglomeration of photos with informational captions collected during your stay in the country. In order to demonstrate total understanding of your countries situation and to maintain continuous communication with National Geographic, your assignment also includes essays on the research you have completed during your stay. Unit Assignments For each unit assignment you will need to research and write a 3-5 page essay/paper on how your country relates to the topic being discussed. Make sure you are research and writing to the specific topic of the assignment. Each essay must include a list of references. – APA formatting Paper format: Times New Roman, 12 font, double space. Include a title that explains what the essay will be about. All essays must include an introduction (with thesis statement), body, and conclusion. It is strongly recommended that you collect photos and other visuals while conducting the research in order to develop our own database to develop your final assessment. It is strongly recommended that you keep a running bibliography of all your resources to help organize your final assessment.

This is an exam, NOT an essay on your personal opinions.

The second option is the right one. It’s 100% fine to choose one side and many teachers recommend it. However, it will depend if you have enough ideas to hit the word count of 250 words. If you start struggling to expand those ideas, you know you need to got for a partial agreement.

How to Write an Essay Introduction (with Sample Intros)

Introduction Economic openness is the phenomenon in which individual economies from all over the world become increasingly connected and interdependent through greater liberalization of trade and the vast movement of goods, services, and capital across borders.

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[what word should I use here?], I have a question regarding your sample introduction paragraph where you used “In my opinion, I agree … “. I feel like its not making good sense, as we cannot just combine these 2 clauses. For instance, we can instead write: In my opinion, regular physical activity is indeed the most effective routine one can adopt to enjoy a healthy lifestyle; or we can paraphrase it like: I agree and strongly believe that daily exercise is the key to a good health. Please correct me.

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Hi! You know Ms. Liz, the i am having the hard time to make an introduction, maybe because of the paraphrasing. I found your video helpful.. thank you!