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As we learn from the story of Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son,"G-d did not want human sacrifices. The peace process does." In this essay, Daniel Greenfield discusses the similarity between Israeli politicians who see the butchery of Jews as Israel's sacrifice for peace and the pagan worshipers of Moloch. Except, in the modern State, anyone might become a sacrifice at random" "Everyone," meaning Jews specifically, should accept "our measure of sacrifice and struggle," Prez Obama told Israeli students. To help the process along, he backed the Palestinian insistence that the jailed murderers of Jews be freed. It's all in the cause of peace. The Jewish leaders who collaborated with the Nazis also viewed sending Jews to die because the sacrifice of some was necessary to save others. As the Jews did then, Jewish politicians now do the work for their enemies. As in the concentration camps, each round of deaths weakens the community. Each peace process round makes the next round of sacrifices "save" a more diminished State, a more fractured country. Yet the politicians continue to delude themselves, acting as if were the ones making the sacrifice. Their excuse: if we don't do something, will. The notion of holding firm, of refusing to be the sacrificial lamb, seems never to occur to them.

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This brings up another point: are the Arabs so sure of theirstanding with the American Administration that they don't needeven to pretend to wish for peace? Instead, Abbas demanded thereturn of his heroes, killers of Jews, and Kerry, the toothyfairy, made his wish come true. To me. the ugliest consequence ofeach plunge by Israel into peace-seeking is that she slowly hasbecome accustomed to sacrificing her children, her pride and hersense of integrity, as Daniel Greenfield says in an essay below,on the "alter of peace." Why can't Israel just say no to Obama?Other countries on the planet, large and small, powerful or withno real resources, have no trouble doing so. Being cooperative onthe Peace Process isn't going to make Obama stop Iran frommanufacturing nuclear weapons. If the Israelis have been caving onconcessions to the Palestinian Arabs in the hope that Obama willfinally handle Iran effectively, they should by now recognize thatit ain't going to happen. Obama will just keep stringing themalong.

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