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Harry, A History excerpts starting to appear
Snippets from Melissa Anelli's forthcoming book on the Harry Potter phenomenon are starting to appear. have an extract (in PDF format) from the Foreword by J. K. Rowling, and on the website set up for the book, Melissa that Hedwig was originally going to catch Harry's first snitch, and discusses the consequences of this change. The book is due to be published on 4th November 2008. Melissa promises that further snippets will appear on her website, including material that didn't make it into the book.

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Anne Johnstone of The Herald (Glasgow) was the first newspaper reporter to interview J.K. Rowling, and today of how the June 1997 interview came about, as well as her thoughts on how Rowling's relationship with the press inevitably changed. []

Posted 16 October 2007 by Meann

... but I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who pronounces it that way.

Entertainment on the other hand is what we mean when we talk about “entertaining certain ideas/concepts” … it means actually thinking about life. The goodness of the books is precisely tied to their “entertainment value” … they give us pause to think and to entertain the muses.

V. interesting post; I will cross-post.

It may seem obvious that Accio Quote!, as a site that collects interviews of author J.K. Rowling, would not print spoilers. We're not really a news site, though we try to post new interviews as quickly as possible.

Cheers,Peg (you may remember me, with HPEF)

Jo posted to today to reiterate her opinion on spoilers and the lowlifes who will be trying to ruin the surprises she has in store for us.

So I contemplated the reasons for their hatreds.

Today about a possible encyclopedia that Jo might write about Harry's world, so I combed through the archive and started a page for . Enjoy!

Rowling is a strong writer, Byatt is a tender writer.

Laurel Carmer has sent another of her transcripts! This one is from the when Rowling was touring the U.S. promoting Harry Potter and the Prince of OZ. Oh, darn I can't read the cuecard! Heh. I can just see Jo rolling her eyes to herself. Thanks Laurel!

Three cheers for the Troll and his self-important declaration!

And I implore you, please don't attempt to spoil me or other AQ staff by e-mail. We're fans too and we desperately don't want this moment ruined.

Reading Harry Potter: Critical Essays by Giselle Liza Anatol

A few weeks ago AQ Reader Sharon reminded us that Jo wrote about her attachment to the city of Edinburgh. Thanks to Meann, it is now available for your reading pleasure. The book is still in print and available at .