It is the making the most of a little ...

We had a long day's march -- (our feet kept time to the echoes of Coleridge's tongue) -- through Minehead and by the Blue Anchor, and on to Linton, which we did not reach till near midnight ...

there is such a thing as an essential difference of character in different individuals.

A street lined with coaches and with beggars dying at the Steps of the doors, gives a strong lesson to common thought and political foresight, if not to humanity."

Our practical conclusions are in this respect generally right; ...

You would there find many people of sense and information whose names you never heard of.

After making play a short time, the Gas-man flew at his adversary like a tiger, struck five blows in as many seconds, three first, and hen following him as he staggered back, two more, right and left, and down he fell ...."

Every one has his full swing, or goes to the Devil his own way.

It is of no use that you still say, that you will do what is right; your passions usurp the place of reason and whisper you, that whatever you are bent upon doing is right.

the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong ...

common sense is not a monopoly, and experience and observation are sources of information open to the man of the world as well as to the retired student."

they hire two houses at a time ...

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they purchase a library, and dispose of it when they move house.

Any impression, however absurd, or however we may have imbibed it, by being repeated and indulged in, becomes an article of implicit and incorrigible belief.

It should be of ironto denote duration, and have a dull, leaden look.

If you want to know what any of the authors were who lived before our time, and are still objects of anxious inquiry, you have only to look into their works.

There is a cant about Shakespear.

Both knowledge and sagacity are required, but sagacity abridges and anticipates the labour of knowledge and sometimes jumps instinctively at a conclusion; that is, the strength or fineness of the feeling by association or analogy, sooner elicits the recollection of a previous and forgotten one in different circumstances, and the two together, by a sort of internal evidence and collective force, stamp any proposed solution with the character of truth or falsehood."

There is a cant about Political Economy just now.

To be thought wise, it is for the most part only necessary to seem so; and the noisy demagogue is easily translated, by the popular voice, into the orator and patriot.