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Historical Essays on Upper Canada: New Perspectives ed. by J.K. Johnson, Bruce G. Wilson (review)

Lee & Ken Smith [2010]
Simonides of Ceos, Inscription on the grave of the at Thermopylae;
color added; often mistranslated as "laws."
(d.959 AD), acclamation for Imperial banquet, , Book I, Chapter 65, "What it is necessary to observe at the dance, that is, at the banquet" [Constantine Porphyrogennetos, , translated by Ann Moffatt and Maxeme Tall, with the Greek edition of the Corpus Scriptorum Historiae Byzantinae (Bonn, 1829), Australian Association for Byzantine Studies, Byzantina Australiensia 18, Canberra, 2012, Volume I, p.295]

Historical Essays On Upper Canada New ..

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The Treaty of Ghent

By the end of 1814, the American army that had been occupying Fort Erie since July, withdrew from Canadian soil. On Christmas Eve in Europe, the Treaty of Ghent was signed, ending the War. Upper Canada had been saved and would remain under the British crown. The people of the Town of Niagara began to rebuild on the ruins of the town. Many of those early post-war buildings survive to this day.
The War left a legacy that grew as the century progressed. Canadians were proud of their achievements in the war, sometimes forgetting that the British Army and Aboriginal allies were crucial to the defence of the province. The people of Upper Canada felt a kinship with the inhabitants of Lower Canada and the Maritime provinces. A feeling of national pride grew. Eventually the former colonies confederated into a new nation - the Dominion of Canada.