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Holden’s concern over the date with Jane grows so intense that by the time Stradlater returns, Holden has worked himself into a frenzy. It is only natural that when Stradlater rudely criticizes the essay on the baseball mitt, Holden loses it and rips the paper to pieces. He has spent his Saturday night doing his roommate’s homework, and his efforts are not even appreciated. Holden is also very sensitive above the subject matter of the composition, for he has written about Allie’s glove, a subject that Holden regards with reverence. Since Holden keeps the glove with him at school, Stradlater is surely aware of its importance.

Write the composition that Holden wrote for Stradlater about Allie's baseball mitt

Holden’s portrayal of Stradlater provides the reader with more information about both of the boys. Stradlater, part of the in-crowd, is a smooth talker and a good-looking kid with a nice body. Holden obviously feels a bit jealous of him, calling Stradlater one of the "athletic bastards" who all stick together. The sensitive Holden will never be a part of this in-crowd. In fact, Stradlater, who seems totally devoid of feelings, is a stark contrast to Holden. He does not appreciate that Holden has sacrificed his Saturday night to do his homework. Instead, the callous, conceited athlete says that Holden never does anything right. He obviously cannot understand how a boy of sixteen could be so sensitively attached to a baseball mitt. Stradlater and Holden simply exist on two entirely separate planes and cannot understand each other.

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Holden Caulfield values Allie’s baseball mitt before he leaves school, the museum, and the Carousel in Central Park because they remind him of his childhood, and the innocence of childhood he hates to see children lose.