How to Write a Scholarship Essay

1. Find out exactly what your scholarship essay is asking you to write. General or specific, every sentence and every paragraph should support the essay topic or question.

How to Write a College Scholarship Essay:Make It Proper and Compelling.

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These tips will teach you how to write a scholarship essay that ..


In the How to Write a Winning Scholarship Essay series, I’m going to discuss how to prep for a scholarship essay and how to write a compelling masterpiece that is reusable for multiple scholarships (read: you’ll only have to write ONE essay!).

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Sitting down to write a scholarship essay feels like climbing Mount Everest on an empty stomach with a backpack full of boulders. Hard and exhausting. Not to mention the pressure you feel knowing the prize that awaits you at the top of the mountain. Here are some things you must remember in order to reach that prize – with breath to spare!

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A personal statement comprises a key element of professional school applications. You may want to envision the personal statement as a biographical sketch of a historical figure whose intellectual breadth and commitment to the public good changed the world for the better. Nonetheless, the essay must be comprised of your feelings and tone, showing a snapshot of the forces and people that have changed you, the issues that currently move you, the direction you wish your life to take, and how the program for which you are applying will further those plans. The essay should be specific about your life experiences (school, travel, friends, mentors, work experience, family, etc.) that have led you to the interests you wish to pursue in your work. You should not be excessively personal, however. You should avoid heartfelt, but trite, observations such as "I have always loved art" or "I have always felt a compassion for other people." You should write in terms of what you think and what experiences led you to develop these thoughts. You are on the wrong path if you find yourself grappling with and explaining your feelings.

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Mastering both types of essay writing will benefit students well beyond the process of applying for scholarships and fellowships; for example, knowing how to write a strong proposal will prepare you to write documents such as grant applications and dissertation abstracts should you continue to work in academia.