Sometimes the hardest subject to write about is yourself.

Learning to balance running a home-based business with the reality of being a full-time mom is one of those thrive-or-die situations.COMMENT Click here to cancel reply. I used to be a professional organizer by trade and I still need reminding that my overachiever needs to chill every ger and again. Start by cutting down amount of time it takes you to make a decision. But for me, I work best with a pen, a piece of paper, and when I know people are preoccupied. The list of things I want and need to do is always much longer than the list of things I actually accomplish.6 Mar Being productive is about knowing exactly when and how you work 3 rules I 7 Jan So why is it so hard to actually get more done? By asking how to accomplish the day. Waking up earlier, meditating, creating daily to-do lists.

I always respected her and have tried to make my entire family proud of me.

In Session 2 you’ll learn: 1) How to outline your essay in a step-by-step way, 2) What are some challenges you should consider writing about, 3) How to connect your challenges to your future career, 4) What to write about if you haven’t faced any challenges or if you have no idea what to write about, 5) How much sharing is too much? plus I’ll analyze four more awesome essays.

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(max 250words)I have had the good fortune in life to grow up in more than one culture.

Being embraced by these colorful, and sometimes very disparate, cultures has given me an ability to relate to people from many different backgrounds because I know what it feels like to recently arrive in what seems like a new world and have to find some common ground with the people around you quickly...

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His entire personality has been altered by his battle, and therefore every aspect of his mind and body must be considered when treating his physical ailment...

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This isn’t easy work—I have the burn marks to prove it—and I’m sure very few of my guests have any idea of the effort that has gone into the meal that will eventually be placed before them, but what makes it all worthwhile are the smiles I see as the first bite is tasted, and the camaraderie and joviality that spreads around my dinner table as a direct result of my efforts...

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It was assumed that each of us had the intellect and drive to achieve great things, and that it was incumbent upon all of us to use those skills to somehow make the world a better place.

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I am the first person from my working class family to go to college, and while I am proud of accomplishing this goal, which was by no means easy financially or emotionally, my career path after graduation has not been as fulfilling as I was hoping it would be...

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For quite some time, I have struggled to place my finger on a career that would nurture my capabilities and interests, allowing me to make invaluable contributions to a field...