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During my literature studies, but also with experiencing my trips to Africa I discovered that it is unnecessary that 800 million people are still hungry. The majority of the undernourished people is a farmer. When they produce a bit more the problem will be solved.

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Many of the African countries in which there is widespread hunger are countries in which there is also plenty of food. Agriculture is the leading economic industry in several of the hungriest African nations including Niger, and Somalia.

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Where it does not already exist, building the infrastructure necessary for distributing food is essential to ending hunger in Africa.

Today, we have two presidential candidates who both look a bit short on grand vision and transformational change. Perhaps they could look to helping solve the food problem — and making a big dent in global hunger — as America’s next beneficial legacy.

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But the most disgusting version of the causes of hunger is the food aid to penetrate the market in poor countries. In order to assist hungry people, they tend to allocate finances for which the World Food Organization would be able to buy the local harvest, supporting the local population, as well as saving him from starvation. However, it is the United States insists on sending the aid. The authorities say that in this way they are expanding market for American products, and the aid is given not to those who need it, and those who shows the ability to become a commodity market. For this reason, the Philippines have much more support than Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia, suffering from a lack of food.

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However, in many African nations experiencing hunger crises, though women do the majority of agricultural work, they do not control their own access to food. Addressing gender inequality where it occurs in Africa will be central to eradicating hunger.

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"The Borgen Project is an incredible nonprofit organization that is addressing poverty and hunger and working towards ending them."
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Africa is suffering from hunger, and the whole world goes out of their way trying to help her. However, few people realize that Africa is a Klondike, which is full of rich natural resources, able to make this continent the most secured and prosperous land. However, the sympathetic world community adopts a law that states that only those who have the technical means, can own the wealth, i.e., the developed countries. Every day from the African continent huge amounts of resources are exported, the price of which trillions of dollars. Paradox, is not it?