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Another important feature associated with the IB Extended Essay is that it has certain relation with another compulsory essay – the TOK or Theory of Knowledge. This explains the logic of the IBO in putting the Extended Essay along with the TOK essay in the core of the Hexagon diagram. Just like the TOK seeks evidence, reasoning and argument along with the origin and validity of the source of knowledge, the Extended Essay seeks to answer the questions related to the nature of knowledge and the origin of knowledge.

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In fulfillment of this basic structure, we offer many languages in addition to English, French and Spanish. In addition we provide classes in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, a wide range of humanities choices–IB Anthropology, Economics, History, Philosophy and Psychology-as well as courses in Contemporary Issues and Information Technology in a Global Society, and Visual Arts, Music, and Theatre Arts, as well as Computer Science. All students must complete a major individual project ("extended essay"), participate in an extra-curricular program with Creative, Active and Service components; and, for IB Diploma students, take a Theory of Knowledge course which asks students to examine how they know what they know. The end result, we expect, is a broadly educated and thoughtful person, well prepared for the challenges of university study and for life in a complex 21st-century world.

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