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From mid-July to now I have been working pretty hard on this compilation. It was not until a few weeks ago that I decided I would post my compilation on Reddit. I then had to re-email the professors who had already responded, and I had given thanks, asking their permission to post their names and responses online. Out of the 25 who responded, fourteen have allowed me to share their names and words. I even had a professor email me their phone number saying they wished to speak over the phone. He generously gave me an hour of his time and I greatly appreciate it. First, I want to thank all of the professors who took the time to respond to my inquiries. Their responses were generous, kind, and above all enlightening. The expertise of the professors was in one (or more) of the following three categories:

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While these positions may have been par for the course for many locals in white frontier America 170 years ago, one must pause when one considers that the positions advocated in the Book of Mormon are accepted as God-given, inspired scripture among Latter-day Saints and, therefore, reflect Gods absolute position on the subject of skin color. One must question why God would so perfectly reflect the bigoted and horrifically racist tenets of unenlightened frontier America and then miraculously change his position 170 years later as per the words of current Church president Gordon B. Hinckley, as stated in his April, 2006 General Conference Priesthood session address:

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-- Five lagoglyphic interstellar messages transmitted to the Lepus Constellation, 2009.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, like many new religious movements in frontier 19th century America, grappled with the social and religious concerns of its time. One particular issue that continues to stir controversy in LDS history is the issue of race. While the current church is making significant efforts to distance itself from some of its more blatantly racist positions of the past 170 years, there is still the underlying fundamental problem of God's position on race as presented in the Book of Mormon.

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23. And how about carrying a year's supply of drinking water for each person and animal? They couldn't drink ocean water, and in boats of the type described they couldn't gather significant rain water. How could they load and carry sufficient fresh water?

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22. How do you fit 1,000 pounds of feed per animal in the small boats, along with people, flocks and herds of animals, and birds?

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Even the most illiterate people have learned how important ventilation is for food items, especially without refrigeration. People and animals exhale moisture with every breath. The numerous animals couldn't be taken outside to urinate and defecate. Such a year-long, high-moisture, low-ventilation environment breeds bacteria, yeast, fungus and molds, and rots food.

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These are grazing animal, but they can't graze on the ocean; and they don't eat fish. Their grasses and grains have to be stored on board. A goat eats…pounds/day. Even a pony eats about 8 pounds/day. Let's sensibly use 3 pounds X 344 days. That's 1,032 pounds of feed per animal. That's a lot of bulky weight to lash down to prevent it crashing around when the ships roll, and even flip upside down.

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20. In these Jaredite boats, reported as designed by the highest divine intelligence, why is there no cross ventilation for three hundred and forty-four days? The eye of reason tries to visualize people and animals struggling to vent their body gases and heat through just one hole.