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Non-finite verbs (think

Causative verbs designate the action necessary to cause another action to happen. In "The devil made me do it." the verb "made" the "do" to happen. Here is a brief list of causative verbs, in no particular order: let, help, allow, have, require, allow, motivate, get, make, convince, hire, assist, encourage, permit, employ, force. Most of them are followed by an object (noun or pronoun) followed by an infinitive: "She allows her pet cockatiel to perch on the windowsill. She hired a carpenter to build a new birdcage."

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There is now a separate section dealing with issues raised by a verb's  (active/passive).

Ultimately, it seems there is no mystery to EAL teaching. "Good teaching is good teaching, whether they are EAL or not," says Offord. "It is just embedding and focusing on language. It runs through everything."

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Shares of those companies can be issued at premium which offer attractive rate of dividend on their existing shares, having a good profit track for last few years and whose shares are in demand.

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It is a capital profit for the company and will show credit balance; hence it will be shown in the liability side of the Balance Sheet under the heading ‘Reserves and Surplus’ in a separate account called ‘Security Premium Account’.

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partly on application, partly on allotment, partly on call).

Issue of shares at par: Shares are said to be issued at par when they are issued at a price equal to the face value.

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The amount of premium depends upon the profitability and demand of shares of such company.

Note: The Company may collect the amount of security premium in lump sum or in instalments.

With these tactics in mind, consider the following example:

For consideration other than cash.

Issue of shares for cash: When the shares are issued by the company in consideration for cash such issue of shares is known as issue of share for cash.

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The amount of call must not exceed 25% of the nominal value of the shares and at least 1 month have elapsed since the date which was fixed for the payment of the last preceding call, for which at least 14 days notice specifying the time and place must be given.

Modes of issue of shares:

A company can issue shares in two ways: