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and offer excellent, very readable overviews of jazz history, the principal figures involved in its development, and the principles of its organization in performance. Both are targeted at novice readers with little or no formal training in music, but offer much useful information as a point of departure for trained music scholars, including listings of the most important jazz recordings. largely dispenses with style history, serving rather as a listening guide that focuses on the concepts and procedures employed by jazz musicians across a wide range of styles. The text enables the trained musician unfamiliar with jazz to understand in detail the elements that go into effective jazz performance. and serve as introductions not so much to jazz but to jazz studies more generally. is a useful reference with brief essays on each style of jazz, many of the key musicians in its history, and the specific innovations of the most significant performers on each common jazz instrument. is more scholarly in orientation, introducing readers to the major concerns and topical areas of jazz studies literature.

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This essential book
for music lovers tells the story of
more than 250 key jazz songs,
and includes a listening guide to
more than 2,000 recordings.

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