I find by the writings of the family,

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on the Meekest of the Servants of God

This is said to allude to a description of the Pyramids ofEgypt, by John Greaves, a Persian scholar and Savilian Professor ofAstronomy at Oxford, who studied the principle of weights and measuresin the Roman Foot and the Denarius, and whose visit to the Pyramids in1638, by aid of his patron Laud, was described in his Pyramidographia.That work had been published in 1646, sixty-five years before theappearance of the Spectator, and Greaves died in 1652. But in1706 appeared a tract, ascribed to him by its title-page, and popularenough to have been reprinted in 1727 and 1745, entitled, The Origineand Antiquity of our English Weights and Measures discovered by theirnear agreement with such Standards that are now found in one of theEgyptian Pyramids. It based its arguments on measurements in the Pyramidographia, and gave to Professor Greaves, in Addison’s time, thesame position with regard to Egypt that has been taken in our time bythe Astronomer-Royal for Scotland, Professor Piazzi Smyth.

What Can Be Expected from Political Princes?

on Reading the Hebrew Bible as Philosophy

There is no greater sign of a general decay of virtue in a nation, than a want of zeal in its inhabitants for the good of their country. This generous and publick-spirited passion has been observed of late years to languish and grow cold in this our Island; where a party of men have made it their business to represent it as chimerical and romantic, to destroy in the minds of the people the sense of national glory, and to turn into ridicule our natural and ancient Allies, who are united to us by the common interests both of religion and policy. It may not therefore be unseasonable to recommend to this present generation the practice of that virtue, for which their ancestors were particularly famous, and which is called This love to our country, as a moral virtue, is a fixed disposition of mind to promote the safety, welfare, and reputation of the community in which we are born, and of the constitution under which we are protected. Our obligation to this great duty, may appear to us from several considerations.

Unbelievers Have Always Been Watching Us, Closely

Short for usually applied, more or less contemptuously, to a townsman as distinguished from a countryman, or to a tradesman or shopkeeper as distinguished from a gentleman.

The Difference Between the Bible & the Koran Is Fermentation

Cebes of Thebes was a disciple of Socrates and one of the characters in Plato’s The is a dialogue about the different stages of the human life.

chris bradford author biography essay?

Samuel Garth (1661–1719), poet and physician whose chief literary work is (1699). Garth was also both the King’s physician and Addison’s personal physician. Garth was politically aligned with the Whig party and was a member of the Kit-Kat club.

Biblical Aspects of the Easter Revolution

“Look not . . . mock thy hopes” was omitted from the first two editions of the play—most likely because of a printer’s error—and was reinserted into the play’s third printing (1713).

Roots of the Fantastic in the Age of Curiosities

The “argument from design” position begins from the observation that some design is visible in nature and uses that observation as proof of a divine designer or creator. This is also the source for the motto selected by Benjamin Franklin for the handbook for self-improvement in his