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When applying for a legal position, you must be prepared to provide the potential employer with a sample of your legal writing and analysis. For the same reason that interview answers should reflect how you can meet the needs of the employer, the writing sample should show how you can be successful in the particular legal environment where you seek employment. Consider both the type of writing and the subject matter contained in your writing sample. For example, although it may be the paper you are most proud of, a brilliant analysis of an arcane subject for a seminar or law review is not necessarily the strongest writing sample. An internal memorandum or pleading that you drafted as a law clerk or extern may be the stronger choice because it will better highlight your practical skills. Employers want to make sure that you have the practical legal writing skills that attorneys use in everyday practice; employers often complain that students are unable to make the leap from the law school typed or written exam analysis to the writing used daily in legal practice. The ideal writing sample addresses substantive legal issues pertinent to the employer to which you are applying; however, many times you will not have had the opportunity to do this. In this instance, you should use a form of writing pertinent to types of employers; i.e., a memorandum in support of a motion for a litigation position, or an internal research memorandum for a transactional position.