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3.1 Assess the benefits of team working for the above mentioned organization. AC 3.1.
3.2. Discuss how working in a team as a leader would differ from working as a team member. Your answer should include working towards specific goals, dealing with any conflict or difficult situations. A.C 3.2
3.3. Suggest how you will review the effectiveness of the team in achieving the above goal.
AC 3.3.

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The assignment is designed to provide learners the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and knowledge gained from the unit to work with and lead others, through the use of effective recruitment, selection and retention procedures; leadership skills; the ability to work effectively in a team and assessing the development needs of individual and their performance.

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In the field of organizational leadership, you will frequently be involved in either leading a team or making a decision to form a team. Although there are many types of teams that can exist within organizations, teams are typically tasked with achieving specific goals and objectives of an organization. Teams can also be composed of managers and subordinates, or can be groups of employees with different areas of expertise. Teams can also be formed for a specific project. Regardless of the reason a team exists, managers and leaders must learn about how teams are developed in order to effectively manage them.