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Thank you for this great video. I do agree with you. The way I learned English before was boring and didn’t work in real speaking English. I feel I was very lucky to find your wonderful site and I enjoy your interesting emails so much. They really work. I’ve been in US for only 2 months and I feel my English is improving day by day. Thank you so much.

It’s really afanyastice way to learn english whichs will help us to learn as much possible

Yes, you’re wright.I’ll repeat,repeat & repeat many many many times as your instruction. I believe this way will help me get a big success in Real Learning English .I start from now…Thank you

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It’s seems to be the bet way to learn English. Thank you for your kind recomandations. Paul

it is a good method to learn real English techniques by repetition to read, listen and written practice so many time that will help my brain to remember grammar,vocabulary and sentences so that advanced in English speak like a native speaker, also I will join the new conversation club open in September if have a way to find in future. thank u very much indeed for repetition Techniques Video and I love it a lot and listen it repeat and repeat again without boring to enough it!

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I joined the advanced conversation club on september and I am really happy for that. This is amazing way of learning english, thank you AJ, Joe and Christine. I bought all of 30 lessons so my question is how many lessons you suggest that I learn monthly, one, two or more.
I am very happy when I see I received something new from you in my mail box. This video about techniques to remember vocabulary is great. AJ is great. Thank you all. All the best from Montenegro.

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I really like the video I love all of your videos. They are totally amazing. Aj, you are absolutely incredible. First of all, you are a great person and also a great teacher. I love you so much. And of course, Kristin and Joe. They are also AMAZING. All of you always try to teach English in an incredible powerful way and I really learn a lot from you guys. Before I knew about you guys and your teaching method, I’d never thought that I could speak English easily just like you said I would. Well, of course I know that I am not perfect, and I do make mistakes, sometimes. But I also know that nobody is perfect. You guys don’t try to teach us to be perfect. You guys want us to be more relaxed when speaking English. With your method of teaching and also (maybe much more important than your method) your endless positive attitude I feel more comfortable with English than I ever did before.. You guys are always energetic, and fun and positive. Thank you so much!… I am so lucky to have you in my life
. Take care!…

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Hi my teachers
I am very happy when I hear more and more of yours listens and advises
All these give me more confidance that I can learn English language fastly and easily
Thanks for every thing , please I need more rules and list of commone Pharisis used in English langouge .
Thanks again and I won’t to keep yours team as my friends.
Yours fathifully
Ayad hameed

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You really are right, when you say repetition is the best way to learn English you know? Practice makes perfect. Thanks again you are my best teachers. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.