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"He is wont," you say, "to wrench up his words with a mighty rush, andhe does not let them flow forth one by one, but makes them crowd and dashupon each other./b For the words come in such quantity that a single voiceis inadequate to utter them." I do not approve of this in a philosopher;his speech, like his life, should be composed; and nothing that rushesheadlong and is hurried is well ordered. That is why, in Homer, therapid style, which sweeps down without a break like a snow-squall, is assignedto the younger speaker; from the old man eloquence flows gently, sweeterthan honey./c
Therefore, mark my words; that forceful mannerofspeech, rapid and copious, is more suited to a mountebank than to a manwho is discussing and teaching an important and serious subject. But I object just as strongly that he should drip out his words as thathe should go at top speed; he should neither keep the ear on the stretch,nor deafen it. For that poverty-stricken and thin-spun style alsomakes the audience less attentive because they are weary of its stammeringslowness; nevertheless, the word which has been long awaited sinks in moreeasily than the word which flits past us on the wing. Finally, peoplespeak of " handing down" precepts to their pupils; but one is not " handingdown" that which eludes the grasp. Besides, speech that deals withthe truth should be unadorned and plain. }This

Now write a letter home from the perspective of the soldier in the trenches

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