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Machinist closes the article by mentioning the oracle of Nahum against Ninevah which are clear references to the oracles of Isaiah against Assyria. Thus, Nahum is arguing that the promises of God against Assyria came true in the destruction of Ninevah in Nahum's time.

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Machinist's interest is in the cultural, intellectual, and social history of the ancient Near East. He focuses on the interconnections in the ancient Near East, particularly the connection between ancient Israel/Hebrew Bible and ancient Mesopotamia. Within this framework, his research topics include the ideology of imperialism and other forms of group identification; ancient historiography; mythology; prophecy; Assyrian history; and the history of modern biblical and other Near Eastern scholarship. While his works cover the different topics listed above, a survey of Machinist's written works shows most works to be about four main themes: 1) Assryia and the Bible (particularly Isaiah/Assyria and Nahum/Ninevah; 2) Identity of Israel in contrast to its neighbors/enemies; 3) Historiography in ANE; and 4) Monotheism/Israelite Religion. Below, I have included summaries of some of his well-known articles.