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The materialist identity is not innovatively creative in the formation of who he or she is as a person because the externals purchased are designed, produced and marketed by others. A healthy spiritual identity is created by the spiritual potential latent within each person to love. The materialist approach of externals hides a bankrupt inner being that contrasts with the spiritual definition of personal identity as a richly complex, uniquely created internal state of being that is traditionally referred to as character.

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Liberal theologians and secular humanists proclaimed the "death of God." Throughout the ë70s and ë80s Americans rushed headlong toward materialism and greed, including the continued destruction of the environment.

Materialism and Spirituality, The Two Paths of Life

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These observations are neither new nor unique to me. An awareness of human nature's predilection to materialism in one’s self and/or in others has been noted by many wise men and women down through the ages. They have written on the necessity for a vigilant, educated, and spiritually oriented citizenry as a prerequisite for the preservation of liberty and prosperity. Such responsibly conscious living by nature puts materialism at risk when balanced against a set of sacred principles that value the non-materially defined essence of life over the pleasant promises proffered by the potential satisfaction of physical sensations possible in the material world.

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Indeed, for those who will study our society we have valuable lessons of both triumph and embarrassment for everyone enamored with her power, her economic vitality and seeming liberty. But America’s liberties have been, and continue to be, mortgaged away bit by bit in order to protect the material benefits, wealth and social security of her citizens' immediate mortal comfort. Temporal, prosperity is favored over spiritual health and wealth, and the youth of the United States will pay a very heavy material price for her abandoned spiritual heritage.

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Those experiences and many others were part of a radical change in my worldview. The single biggest change was the first, when that woman held up . After that, I was not quick to call anything "impossible," especially regarding the abilities of human consciousness. By age 21, I had five years of increasing study under my belt. In those days, a few books were highly influential to me; one was by Richard Bach, which was his follow-up to . I have read a vast array of spiritual material since , but it is still one of the greatest spiritual masterpieces that I have encountered. Perhaps the most influential book I ever read was the , first published in 1907. Levi Dowling, an American Christian minister, wrote it. Dowling produced the book over a number of years while in a deep trance state. He was allegedly accessing the Akashic record, in which every thought and act of Creation is recorded. That is the theory, anyway. I read the at age 18. For the first time, I began to understand spirituality. For two years, that book was on my bedside table. Every night as I went to bed, I picked up the book and read from it.

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I hope that you are beginning to see just how critical balanced spiritual health is to a society’s beneficial operation. While world history gives example after example of these principles of materialism and spirituality, at this point in time these lessons particularly apply to the United States of America because it is the dominant national culture that shapes Globalism around the world. The American ways of business, entertainment and material lifestyle is desired and imitated around the world.