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Very close relationship with Merlin
(Merlin had watched Arthur since he was born) Merlin took Arthur from Uther as a return for
fullfilling his lust for Igraine
- Merlin had sent Arthur to Ecter (knight)
for early youth training
Put a stone with a sword stuck on it and makes a prophecy
- one who takes out sword will become
king of Camelot
Makes Arthur King and leads him in
becoming a great and wise one
- planned several conquests
Later on kept Arthur company while on rest
in Avalon


Merlin and Sword in the Stone ..

They joined forces with Professor JustinAlphonse Gamble to face the Incinerators, renegade robots, who had stolenthe starstone that Merlin was fated to use as material in building the BlackKnight's sword.

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Merlin alone knows how to pull the sword from that stone and when Arthur came of ..