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Having spent much of the past 35 years studying the continuous pronouncements of "mathematical certainty" of patriarchal scientific ideologs over the past centuries, I can say with assurance, based on their paltry success rate, that we ain't seen nothing yet and basically, it's all up for grabs. I have finally discovered why it is so many are addicted to the " a hero will arise and save us" absurdity, the heroic myth established so long ago by you-know-who (the usual suspects):This is precisely what mass "'schooling", training imparts as the masses sit helplessly and hopelessly receiving the downloads which render them forever children, forever looking to some "adult", "expert", etc., to inform and command them. Anyone whose voice is not credited by the local and current…whichever platform we are dealing with….patriarchal elite structure of accreditation is simply not heard. How is it that so many of us have known and lived accordingly, that it's all "power" speaking pure bs? Maybe because we have no illusions regarding our selves and this fatuous notion of "power." We have been speaking all along, in every decade and century, but the greater numbers of our populations only hear what they have been enculturated to hear and credit. The reasons that people do not accept what is before our eyes is because their sense of "power" comes from prejudice and bigotry. Dane is being heard, a good thing, because he speaks through the acceptable scientific paradigm of the time. The reason it all may seem way too late is that people's inbred bigotries make them deaf to so many who have been shouting this all out for so so long. I can only quote Greg Brown:" The big picture is insane, the whole country's on cocaine ( the drug of "power"), and the idiots still ask Why? it's come to this. Time to face your own conscience everyone, if it is still operative. How many kinds of your co-residents on this planet have you denigrated? Wanna start a real (and truly unbelievable) shot storm which exemplifies? Post this simple question: Ask people to say what their definition of a "hippie" is. I dare you. You'll find your answers easily, as to Why? it's come to this. Many many many of us noticed what was happening long before it impinged on our profit structure, mostly because we were already extremely marginalized, had no profit schemes or structures, and we were hanging on by hairs living in the forests with our kids cause all the buildings are poison, poisons are sprayed continuously by private citizens and the governments, and how you needed to insist that we were "crazy" in order to continue to imagine your own individual safety and security. I've been through it all, and I'll tell you what, having no security whatsoever to cling to has consistently made it possible to be blessed by being led to better, safer, healthier places to live, to "survive", which means "super living". I returned years ago to Mt. Shasta after some months on Maui. The life force I felt when I sat on the ground brought me quickly to desperate tears, dropping my head to the earth, for the deadness of the soil I experienced on Maui. The mother of us all, this incredibly variable planet, shoved my head back up, told me emphatically she didn't want my tears, and immediately promised me that she would always lead me to where her life force flows. That makes me a super unscientific delusional "New Age" hippie, right? Well. I was on the mainland all spring and summer, from Alaska, to B.C., to Oregon. It's a fucking nightmare what is being done to you. As I have nothing to cling to, no land, not enough money to live there in any kind of decency, and no desire to be amongst the herds in denial, I am elsewhere, and it is so much less here. There are loads of birds, all is green, and the people are for the most part truly humble. I don't need any patriarchal mathematical certainties, I have the mother's word, which is good enough for me. You are your own worst enemies, this the elites understand and act from. Search your consciences, cause I know how much of my life I've been ridiculed, hated, impoverished and marginalized for speaking the truth. Yes, yes, I know, I simply do not Say it correctly. Kids are great at this excuse! "Ask me nicely and I'll do it". Uh huh. Sure. Not having the "proper language or terminology" is an old old tactic of silencing, akin to the "talk english or else" system of power and control. A lot of talk here about heaven and all, so remember, your heart must weigh no more than a feather. Or as Jesus reportedly advised, you've got to be as loving and kind and unbigotted as little children. Perhaps the child who exclaimed "The Emperor is wearing no clothes" did not use the proper or accepted local and current hegemonic word for "naked", but his meaning was unarguable to those who were WILLING to see. When will the endless divide and rule end? When will each one of us be willing to cease, just cease putting others down? This is the key, the old golden rule, that so many do not seem to feel comfortable with. It is exactly where all the murder and mayhem begins, in the crystallized ego. Give it up.

Methane and the biosphere essay - from Yuli Skincare

As grim as this article is, I truly believe the Good exponentially outweighs the Bad on this gasping, coughing planet. Moronic, pie-in-the-sky Trump idolaters notwithstanding, there are infinitely more of us Awakened Ones than all the satanic, pedophiliac, earth-murdering, child-raping, wealth-sequestering, self-serving motherf**kers all lumped into one pathetic, reeking heap. And that includes the thousands upon thousands of brown-nosing slobs doing the bidding of the geniuses behind all of this omnicidal activity. I could not have been more exhilarated to see the worldwide women's marches because they embody the tip of an iceberg of PUSHBACK which is only going to strengthen on every front as compassionate human beings fully deploy to counter the rabidity of the diseased minds now running roughshod over the constitution and over all remaining life-forms and indeed, over the entire biosphere upon which THEIR sorry asses are also dependent.

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An interesting thing happens when trapped methane leaks from sites under the deep ocean floor. If the pressure is high enough (50 atm) and the water cold enough (4°C), the methane doesn’t simply bubble to the surface. Individual methane molecules become trapped inside clusters of 6–18 water molecules forming methane clathratesor methane hydrates. Aggregates of these clathrates stay at the bottom of the ocean in what looks like a lump of dirty ice. Ice that burns. Far from being mere curiosities, methane clathrates are potential sources of energy on a scale greater than that of all known oil reserves combined. At present, it is not economically practical to extract the methane, however.