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Five Signature Scholarships are awarded each year in the name of individuals who are strongly associated with the State of Minnesota through achievement or public service, and who were Members of the Masonic Fraternity. These individuals continue to inspire all those who recognize their leadership, integrity and resilience. Signature Scholarship applicants are asked to submit an essay of up to one type, double-spaced page that answers the following question:

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Susan is a Multilingual Learner Specialist and often teaches WRIT 1301 in addition to consulting at SWS. Engaging with ideas, challenging students to think more deeply, and helping them discover and plan what they want to say all keep her energized. She also loves to dig into grammar and sentence structure. She holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Houston and a BA in English from Luther College. Although native to Minnesota, her teaching career started in Texas and later Portugal where she gained fluency in both Spanish and Portuguese, respectively. Outside of work, she dances, explores regional parks, and reads fiction, essays, and news sources.

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