Childhood Memories Essays: �When I Was a Little Kid�.
Free Essays on My Childhood Memory for students My Childhood Memory 'I went through my childhood with more sad memories than happy ones I sometimes wish that I could feel the other way around.

The function of this picture was to provide my family and myself memories of my childhood.

A while ago I got information from you for an essay I was doing onfalse memories in relation to my experience. I promised then that Iwould send you a copy of my essay when I was done. I got a 100 percent on itfrom a professor who ralely gives above an 85 percent. Here it is. I have noproblem with my paper being used in the newsletter as I would love tohelp others. Clare (Editors note: Because of space limitations, wecondensed Clare’s essay to include only her personal account.)

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How did the reconstruction of my childhood and supposed recovery of

The memory of the days spent in my childhood is still haunting my mind. Although I do wish that those days, full of pleasure, may come back; yet I know that it is a thing of the past. Time is always on its wings. I cannot enjoy those days again.

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I will agree that my home was quite dysfunctional because in fact mydad was an active alcoholic throughout my childhood. I did indeed havesome real memories of some pretty chaotic and scary times. As this"therapy" proceeded to dredge up everything negative about mychildhood I began to get very depressed. Clinical depressionunfortunately runs in my family and I had previously been treated forit. I began treating my depression with alcohol until I realized thatI was drinking every night. I entered a rehab and got sober and havenever had a drink since.

Childhood Memories Essays: “When I Was a Little Kid”

A highly significant phase of fully believing in the reality of myrecovered "memories" was going to other mental health professionalsfor evaluations. A psychiatrist and a psychologist concluded fromtheir psychological testing and evaluation that indeed I had beenseverely traumatized as a child. With these results, I fully believedthat my good and happy childhood was really a cruel joke. (I only wishthat I realized then what I know now, that Psychological testing isnot a proof of history. It is only a reflection of what you believeand what is in your mind at the time of testing.)

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