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Today, a manicure also demonstrates a certain level of leisure — even if it’s just enough leisure time to swipe some OPI or Essie polish on your hands at night while binge-watching TV before bed.

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Later, women used it much for the reason we do today: Because it’s cute! In China and Korea, women colored their nails with homemade potions made from crushed flowers; in parts of the Arab world, North Africa, and South Asia, women used henna as nail dye.

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But it wasn’t until the mid-1800s that nail salons and professional manicuring emerged, starting in France. Back then, manicures were a sign that you lived a life of leisure, one where you weren’t bothered to wash scalding dishes, dig around in a garden, or do any other kinds of manual labor.

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The goes farther back than you might imagine. Today we think of nail art as fun and pretty, but originally it was a scare tactic. Around 3,200 BC, Babylonian soldiers reportedly stained their fingernails with green and black kohl as a way to intimidate their enemies.

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In retrospect, my constant polishing was a product of years of thinking my toes needed to be primped and preened. Chances are you know someone (or you are someone) who's easily grossed out by feet. So many of us treat them like they're disgusting, like they're something we have to endure. I got that message loud and clear when the first Lord of the Rings movie came out, and suddenly the biggest insult you could hurl at a girl in school was to say she had “Hobbit feet.” In fact, when I told a friend I was writing this essay, her first response was “Ew, I hate my feet!” like a reflex.

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