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Smith, Myron J., Jr. The Baseball Bibliography, Second Edition (in four volumes). Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co., 2006, 1718 pp. The first edition (1986) was 915 pp. with supplements in 1993, 422 pp. and 1998, 310 pp. All from McFarland. Much, but not all, of Smith’s citations appear in . Smith is a professional bibliographer who has turned out works in a number of fields. The Smith volumes' strengths are the inclusion of thousands of magazine citations including Baseball Magazine, Sport, Sports Illustrated, Baseball Digest, and Inside Sports, periodic updates, and its organization. It contains subject and author indexes which make it easier to navigate than Grobani. It also contains many academic dissertations. Its weaknesses are incompleteness (Phelps found some 800 books included in the earlier Grobani volume which were not in Smith) and a tendency to errors. The errors ran from the merely irritating (wrong page numbers for a magazine citation) to ludicrous — a book on the Texas Rangers which is about the law-enforcement organization and has persisted through the supplements and the second edition.

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The LaGuardia and Wagner Archives at LaGuarda Community College/CUNY published a curriculum on immigration and one of the lessons (see page 30) is about a young Dominican boy and his dreams of playing baseball.

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