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- That any native traditions survived this onslaught owed to their resilience, the tenacity of their adherents and the willingness of individuals to impart their knowledge to linguists and ethnographers. The meaning and value of some of these traditions are described in the essay written by Coll-Peter Thrush, an historian at the University of Washington, on the Lushootseed peoples of Puget Sound, the native speakers of the Lushootseed language. By examining their culture, "through the lens of the Huchoosedah," a Lushootseed term meaning cultural and self knowledge, he provides an overview not commonly encountered in the scholarly research on Native Americans - one based upon the peoples' own perceptions of themselves.

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It might be argued that Oglethorpe's actions were prompted purely by politicalnecessity. Clearly, he was concerned over protecting the infant colony, establishing tradeand thwarting the Spanish and French. But his writings reflect a genuine respect andadmiration for the Indian and his culture. In stark contrast to overt belligerence ofPanfilo de Narvaez, Oglethorpe felt a kinship with them. Once a group of Chickasawsrelated to Oglethorpe the belief that he had an Indian mother. In reply, Oglethorpedeclared that he was an Indian in his heart. To the cynical, this statement might beconsidered pandering or an empty gesture calculated to curry favor. But while Oglethorpewas an astute diplomat, his writings reflect a profound regard for the Indians. In writingto the Trustees on the potential for Christian conversion of the Indians, he describedthem as being very a very moral people and that the only two great obstacles to beingtruly Christian was the practice of revenge killing and drunkenness the latter having beenlearned from the white man. Oglethorpe found the Indians to be quite eloquent speakers andfound many of their speeches to rank with those highly regarded of Roman and Greekwritings. Far from being the savages noted in the colony's charter, Oglethorpe found theIndians to be generous, good-natured, humane to strangers and patient. They were ascribedwith a natural genius and eloquence in the conduct of their conferences. Thus, thoughOglethorpe conduct was guided in part by practical considerations of security and trade,his genuine admiration for the Indians played an important role as well. Certainly, hisactions were viewed by the Indians as sincere and he developed a favorable reputationamongst the tribes for honesty.

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It is part of the Library of Congress American Memory site, the goal of which is to create digital collections of primary sources relating to the history and cultural development of the United States. To adapt a technical term, it creates a meta-library that gives users access to information scattered around the country simply by typing in a web site address and clicking an icon. Made available are historical photographs recording aspects of native life along the Northwest Coast and on the Plateau east of the Cascade Mountains, selected pages from the Annual Reports of the Indian Commissioner, selected articles from the University of Washington Publications in Anthropology and the Pacific Northwest Quarterly, copies of several treaties with tribes in Washington and Oregon and a series of essays authored specifically for the collection that describe and interpret selected topics.

It was his first non-fiction book, and was published in 1955

The authors of the essays divide this ongoing saga into ancient, historic and contemporary periods. The division between ancient and historic is determined by the year during which a given group first appeared in written records. This varies. If Juan de Fuca's voyage is to be credited, then people living along the strait now bearing his name were first described in 1591, whereas the Nez Perce do not appear in the written record until 1805. What separates historic from contemporary is more difficult to define, but the consensus of opinion appears to be that contemporary history commenced when modern native groups succeeded in re-forming meaningful self governments. In the United States, this generally begins with the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934.

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So how are we to deal with the information in this collection? Because it is organized as an online resource, it is much easier to access and cross-reference material and to have more facts at hand than before. The authors of the essays have included glossaries to explain uncommon terms and bibliographies to direct readers to other sources of information, and they have also included study questions that teachers may wish to use as they develop curricula in their schools. We would also strongly encourage you to visit tribal centers and reservations with respect and patience and to talk to Native Americans and others familiar with them.