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On Love/Psychological Exercises: With Some Aphorisms & Other Essays [A

— Gurdjieff was a man of many masks. Professor Paul Beekman Taylor examines the evidence surrounding whether or not the character 'Prince Ozay' in Paul Dukes' autobiography The Unending Quest, was in fact, Gurdjieff.

Free Essay: Love doesn’t keep a score of wrongs

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Orage wrote little after he met Mr. Gurdjieff but the little he wrote was always substantial. In no other place was the depth of his writing most reflected than in his thirteen pages essay . It is already a classic on the topic of Love. Orage wrote it overnight at the Prieuré after a conversation with Mr. Gurdjieff on objective love and certainly under the inspiration of his beloved friend Katherine Mansfield. By one of those lawful “otherwises” I have written about here one evening while returning home from work someone had left a copy of the prestigious New York Times near my seat in the subway. I read the newspaper from time to time and the first thing I do is to go to the Opinion-Editorial (OP-ED) page because of the high caliber of the columnists who write for this page. That particular evening my attention was drawn to an article by Maureen Dowd who is one of the best known columnists in the OP-ED page. Her article was on how young women fall in love without the preparation to fall in love and then they become the victims of abusive men. As soon as I arrived home I went straight to my PC and wrote a short letter to the editor of the OP-ED page. My writing became natural and effortless because of my many times reading of Orage’s essay . Here is the content of my short letter: