It wasn’t my heart that he broke.

The agents decide to release the terrorist, after they have installed secret cameras everywhere in his house, and have inserted hardware key loggers into his laptop. The hope is that once back home, the suspect will use his laptop and then the password obtained by camera or keylogger can be used to access a copy of the harddrive the government agency made.

 Even when we disguise their identities, we risk betraying them.

Incredible. A very lengthy piece of bull shit propaganda. The Jews are far from innocent, and are perhaps the most evil, conniving rodents on this planet. Perhaps if this article were bias-free, they would show the atrocities Israel has committed against innocent Palestinian children, how they are the CEOs/Chairmen of most major America media outlets, how they are disproportionately admitted to Harvard, etc, etc. These “negative” opinions people have towards Jews are not by any means unfounded, and are well supported if you take your head out of Benjamin Netanyahu’s ass.

Those films can be at least 22 minutes long.

After reading so many hateful messages I began to feel sick, literally.

LOL of that chart of the world, Germany is still being murdered culturally. An entire planet still holding a grudge… that is so low. Multiculture deathplans and Pollutical Correctness spam will do that, sadly.
Jews are the victims of everything… and I mean EVERYTHING. Here are a few examples.
(warning, EXAMPLE IS DELIBERATELY IDIOTIC for extra clarity, armour your brain cells!(I prefer Tiger-II armour plates))
Jew slaps non-Jew. Jew claims to be victim. He hurt his hand in the slap. Non-Jew must pay a fine and hospital bill for an aching backhand.

1.) The Pioneer Era: (1895 to 1910) This is the era when film began.

And, there are moral and ethics essentials: please, go to , then press the keybord combination for text-search: Ctrl-F, and search for “the 10 commandments”. Please read that.

The first camera,first actor, first film stock, etc.

Kaspersky are the first to publish the forensics results. Every computer is infected with same virus. Its internals are encrypted by some new unbreakable crypto and they don’t know how to contain it. Since the whole internet is infected, the virus cannot be removed. It is also communicates massively on secure peer-to-peer, morphing over and over again. Although its intent is not clear, what is certain is that a fully encrypted internet inside the internet is being built and no one could stop it.
The organization behind the attack calls themselves the Pool. Rumors has it that the major organized crime syndicates pooled their resources together for the job. Their business plan is simple. Sell unbreakable encryption as a service. Since the e-internet is now on every connected device terrorists can now communicate securely, drug dealers transact anonymous, kidnappers’ identity be hidden, child pornographers can gleefully exchange encrypted photos and videos. As a side effect money laundering becomes cheaper. Even nation states and big corporations are now buying their services. One more thing, their services are free for NGOs and whistle blowers, no doubt a duty to their conscience.

Ofcourse there was no sound at all.

Another day, another DDoS attack on the internet. To the X-force security team at IBM, it feels different, although it is coming from behind the Great firewall and using Great Cannon techniques. Github is prevailing nicely when suddenly the attack goes viral, like a million Great Cannons firing at the internet simultaneously. Google is the first to crash, then Microsoft and Facebook. A final lonesome tweet from China claims that Baidu is down. When the last site crashes, the internet is eerily silent. Someone swears he can hear a ping drop. When the internet comes back on, everyone knows that something fundamental has just changed.

Do not look at themas being silly.

Another senseless campus killing. The victim is a young brilliant cryptographer. He was to publish his work on a new family of unbreakable crypto-algorithms, inspired by Rubik’s cube. Later the police finds his room ransacked, his laptop stolen. Since the G20 agreement to outlaw encryption, he would have been the last cryptographer.