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Mardi Gras celebrations assume the shape of a community and immediately reflect the strong conservative and innovative spirit needed for a healthy society. One Mardi Gras tradition which is often misunderstood and usually profoundly affects the sensibilities of outsiders is the rural Mardi Gras run of Southwest Louisiana prairies and bordering woodlands. The Mamou run has been extensively documented and reported to the public which has created the false impression that all runs are similar. Recent research has revealed that while there are similarities, in reality Mardi Gras traditions vary from community to community.

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The women in the isolated African village of Kulumani are being stalked by lionesses. To solve the problem, the village hires an outsider whose relationship with a village women raises issues that are perhaps more threatening than the lions. Mia Couto is one of the major writers of Portuguese-speaking Africa and the winner of the 2014 Neustadt International Prize for Literature. (FSG)

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