Figure 1: Samuel Wilberforce as photographed by C. L. Dodgson in 1860

by Joseph Farrell. A solid work which, though presented as a very general series of historical and cultural facts and observations, is a very good complement to guide books and even to more detailed histories of Sicily (see the following sections). It is also a useful if you are seeking an outline indicating information relative to various historians, visitors and expert commentators.

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by Norman Lewis. A distinct departure from the "chic lit" of the other books reviewed in this section (above), this is a series of experiences over many years by a gentleman who knows the island as well as any foreigner ever could. Plenty of history, culture and insight. Book has a detailed index.

Figure 5: Robert Chambers, c. 1863

There was no such thing as the Huxley-Wilberforce debate, and this is an essay about it.

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