BritishLibrary Lansdowne MS 851 fol.

The pardoner was also quite proud. He would speak in Latin in order to showcase his linguistic ability and yet he became the model for deceit and hypocrisy as he preached. He was also a bragger, who bragged about the sins he had committed. He admitted to his sinful behaviour and his immorality. He confessed his sins to those that were gathered to hear him preach. He later admitted that he was guilty of foolishness because his overall intention when preaching about sins was to win money and not to cast out any sins of the people listening.

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Throughout this story it is the pardoner who portrays himself as righteous as he tries to convince others to pay for their sins but who chooses not to follow any of his teachings. He becomes angry at the end when the host makes a joke at his expense. He expresses how he wants to live in luxury and hates the poor portraying slothfulness. He has an arrogant attitude which stops him from cultivating an honest relationship with anyone. And in the end it is pride which drives him to commit envy.

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