Argumentation and Persuasion Essay Should kids have cell phones.

America's love affair with cellular phones — 212 million carried them as of April 2006 — may have blossomed into a full-fledged addiction, with the devices interfering with personal relationships, classroom lectures, businesses and, yes, journalists' deadlines....

The usage of cell phones in a school or a business can only lead to disaster.

Back in those times, the closest thing to “cellular technology” was a car phone made by the AT&A Company but, Martin and his determined Motorola group yearned higher heights and deeper depths for communication- and thus the birth of the first cell phone was in process.

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Consequently, cell phones have become almost if not more essential than food, water and shelter.

Carney said she wasn’t checking her cell phone or bank records on the computer as she recovered from the operation. If T-Mobile had sent her a message, she missed it during her recovery, she said.