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``They do not know what I went through in my life.''In less than two months, new trainer Emanuel Steward -- who supplanted Don Turner, who also co-trains Holyfield with Tommy Brooks -- has faced an enormous task in attempting to transform Akinwande's passivity.


By this time, people were anticipating and expecting another reassuring public statement from Bush. [] The White House staff was preparing for Bush to address the nation from the Offutt bunker, but Bush decided instead to return to Washington. []

In 1962, Dick Tiger won the world middle weight boxing championship.

Tiger inspired lots of Nigerians to go into boxing.

As we approach the 26th annual Martin Luther King, Jr. observance and reflect upon the recent opening and dedication of a national memorial in King’s honor, we should consider how we might engage a living legacy of the human rights leader that brings us closer to the democratic vision he so passionately embraced. A first step is to commit ourselves to teaching and learning about the civil rights movement, one of the most transformative democratic freedom struggles of modern times. Often, in schools and colleges around the nation, the movement is reduced to a few days of study and over-emphasis on a master narrative that is simplistic in its failure to interrogate the many complexities and nuanced interactions among its leaders, participants and organizations. A recent study revealed that American students have very limited knowledge of this significant period in the nation’s history which continues to impact events around the globe.

“Take me to my father’s house.”

At approximately 8:48 a.m. on the morning of September 11, 2001, the first pictures of the burning World Trade Center were broadcast on live television. The news anchors, reporters, and viewers had little idea what had happened in lower Manhattan, but there were some people who did know. By that time, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the National Military Command Center, the Pentagon, the White House, the Secret Service, and Canada’s Strategic Command all knew that three commercial airplanes had been hijacked. They knew that one plane had been flown deliberately into the World Trade Center’s North Tower; a second plane was wildly off course and also heading toward Manhattan; and a third plane had abruptly turned around over Ohio and was flying back toward Washington, DC.

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So why, at 9:03 a.m.—fifteen minutes after it was clear the United States was under terrorist attack—did President Bush sit down with a classroom of second-graders and begin a 20-minute pre-planned photo op? No one knows the answer to that question. In fact, no one has even asked Bush about it.

Workshop: Teaching the Movement for Civil and Human Rights

2017 Martin Luther King, Jr. Collection Student Essay Contest Winners with Essay Contest Judges, Dr. Francine Allen, Associate Professor of Englishand Dr. Carter Savage

“In Caasah we don’t just have AIDS—we have God.”

In the field, the unexpected happens everyday and new causal relations
come into view. The deployment of categories that are important in human
experience can make our science more realistic and, we hope, better.